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All of our bulk bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric. The most important aspects of using them for packaging include the following, proper design, lifting loops, filling & discharge spouts, bulk bag liners and good construction and quality.


Custom Bags

Bulk Bags

You can create a customized specification, or choose from one of our stock flexible intermediate bulk containers. We also supply BOPP bags, sand bags, baler sheets, mesh bags, feed & seed bags, onion bags and potato bags.

Duffel Top bags are perfect for that application where you need full access to the top of the bag. Typically the duffel top of a bulk bag is as wide as the base dimensions and the duffel's standard length is approximately 30" high. Duffel Top bags are commonly used in just about every type of application. It is one of the most all around useful types of bag.

Bags with a fill spout or discharge spout usually have standard dimensions of 14" diameter x 18" length. Fill & Discharge spouts can be tucked away using a closure with a drawstring. They each can be fitted with a B-Lock closure device, which quickly allows the user to close the spout. The spouts can be custom sized to meet your individual application. Spouts are often laminated on the inside in order to assist in the flow of the product when filling and discharging. Spouts are usually made with a 3 oz. fabric woven fabric, which is much lighter than the fabric of the body of the bulk bag.

There are two common styles of construction of a bulk bag, circular and upanel construction. Many times a bag is constructed with a four panel design as well. Baffles can be sewn into the inside of the bag, in order to improve filling of the bag. When a baffled bag is filled, the product flows through the baffles, and results in less bulging of the bulk bag.



There are many questions that we received daily on the construction and usage of bulk bags. We have compiled this list of commonly asked questions to answer some of your bulk bag questions.


Custom Bags in Bulk

Properly storing items is important, but it can be expensive. Finding the right storage materials at the proper cost is the key to saving money while making sure your products and other items are properly stored. JumboSack offers bulk bags for sale, helping manufacturers secure their products safely for storage, shipping and other needs. JumboSack offers both standard bags and custom bags that can be created for your specific need, at low prices that ensure you'll be secure in your budget as well as with your products and other items.

If you're looking for Food Grade bags, UN Certified bags, and a wide selection of bag types for just about any application, you've come to the right place. Request a quote from JumboSack today, or read on to learn more about the safe and secure bulk packaging materials available from JumboSack online. Bulk Bags for Premium, Safe Storage Manufacturers and distributors of all types can benefit from the bags available from JumboSack.

Beyond the custom bags available for creation for your specific need, we also carry a number of standardized, affordable bags for many different applications, including:



The bags available from JumboSack are 100% hygienic and traceable, made in an AIB audited, Superior rated facility. You'll never have to worry about quality, because your bags are made from the very best materials. You don't have to worry about quantity, either, with the many bag selections available in bulk. Purchase from JumboSack today.
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JumboSack is a distributor of bulk bags, helping manufacturers practice safe and secure bulk packaging with 100% hygienic, traceable bulk bags.

We offer custom bulk bag solutions with UN Certified bulk bags. Our Food Grade bulk bags are manufactured in an AIB audited, Superior rated facility. Our bags are made in an ISO 9001: 2000 vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has put HACCP at the forefront of it's Food Grade production. Learn more

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