While JumboSack does not provide used bulk bags itself, we are able to find sources of used bags for you depending upon your need. You can also reuse many of the bags purchased from JumboSack, in order to save money on the use of bulk bags for your particular need.

Bulk bags can be reused in many applications. To be safe, the reuse of bulk bags requires a multi-trip bulk bag, made with a 6:1 safety factor, designed to be utilized for a specific amount of uses. Some users reuse bulk bags with a 5:1 safety factor, but we at JumboSack do not recommend reusing these bags even though it is common practice. That’s because these bags can be worn, have a small hole in the fabric, and have unstable loops or other issues. 5:1 safety factor bulk bags make up the majority of the bulk bags on the market, and while reusing them is common practice, it is definitely not the BEST practice; we recommend only 6:1 safety factor bulk bags, which we provide, to be reused as bulk bags.

So when you’re shopping for used bulk bags, you should make sure they have the proper safety factor, as well as that they have been properly cleaned so that they are in a good-as-new condition before using. You should also be made aware of the purpose they were used for in the first place—you may not want used bulk bags that came in touch with hazardous materials depending upon your particular application.

Contact us for more information on used bulk bags. We look forward to hearing from you.

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