UN certified bulk bagsIf your shipping, transport or storage of hazardous or other materials requires a certificate of testing, we are able to provide that along with the certified bags themselves.

The UN certified bulk bags that we stock are made specifically for our customers as custom bags. There are multiple variants to UN certifications so it is not feasible to carry them as stock items. These bulk bags are tested by a third party testing facility and if the bag passes the test requirements, its is issued a specific UN certification number, which is associated specifically to that bag. The UN number is specific to that particular bag being filled with specific product, and tested for a specific packing group. The UN number has an expiration date, giving the bag a shelf life for usage. For more information about FIBC please visit Labordata

If interested in getting UN certified bulk bags contact us today at 1-800-383-4694 or click here request a quote!

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JumboSack is a distributor of bulk bags, helping manufacturers practice safe and secure bulk packaging with 100% hygienic, traceable bulk bags.

We offer custom bulk bag solutions with UN Certified bulk bags. Our Food Grade bulk bags are manufactured in an AIB audited, Superior rated facility. Our bags are made in an ISO 9001: 2000 vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has put HACCP at the forefront of it's Food Grade production. Learn more

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