Bulk Bag Liners

Bulk Bag Liners

Whether you're looking for a standard liner or a custom form fit liner to put inside of your bulk bag, we have a solution for you. We have a long history of providing these types of solutions. Call today for information or a sample.

Liners can be made with attachment tabs which allow you to sew, tie or glue in the liner eliminating the chance of liner discharge. All liners can be made from a variety of materials to impart the performance you desire. Film features help you attain; oxygen & moisture barrier, anti-static properties, chemical resistance, FDA approval, high strength and other films.

We are also a provider of the complete line of Grayling Industries products. Grayling Industries manufactures the Avail Glovebag & Control Chemicals for asbestos abatement, Guardian form-fit liners for semi-bulk packaging, and the Isobag for isolation and inspection of suspicious anthrax mail.

Guardian liners are custom manufactured to your FIBCs dimensions. This form-fit eliminates wasted space, stress points in the liner and allows the FIBC to fill evenly. Because the FIBC fills more completely, the package is more stable and stacks better. Guardian liners can be made with fill/discharge spouts designed to fit the exact dimensions of your equipment. This virtually eliminates the potential for dusting and leakage as well as speeding the fill and discharge process.

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JumboSack is a distributor of bulk bags, helping manufacturers practice safe and secure bulk packaging with 100% hygienic, traceable bulk bags.

We offer custom bulk bag solutions with UN Certified bulk bags. Our Food Grade bulk bags are manufactured in an AIB audited, Superior rated facility. Our bags are made in an ISO 9001: 2000 vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has put HACCP at the forefront of it's Food Grade production. Learn more

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