Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags

Process of Selecting a Bulk Bag

To begin the process of selecting the size of a bulk bag, you must first take in to consideration the weight of the product and it's bulk density. Lift loops can be sewn to the bag corners, or cross corner to allow fork lifts to easily insert the forks into the loops with ease.

Fill spouts come in a standard dimension of 14' wide by 18" long. However can be custom made to fit a specific filling machine. Discharge spouts come standard like the fill spout, 14x18. Although they should be wide enough to easily allow the material to discharge quickly. There are other types of bottom constructions for bulk bags, which include a plain bottom, conical bottom (which aids in the flow of product), Diaper bottom, or full open bottom.

Bags with liners are designed to prevent moisture from the product. The most common liners are tube liners, with a typical liner being made from polyethylene in a 3 mil. thickness. Liners can be sewn in to the fabric seams or tabbed in all 8 corners of the bag, which is a design that will prevent the liner from coming out of the bag during discharge.

Most bags are made with a 5:1 safety ratio for single trip bags with a standard safe working load between 500 lbs. - 4000 lbs., and a 6:1 ratio for multi-trip bags can go up to 5000 lbs. UN certified bags are tested to a 6:1 safety ratio. Bulk bags can be made for food or pharma products as well.


Bulk Bag Options

Options include Type A & B bulk bags. Type C groundable bags, and Type D Crohmiq static protective bags. Custom Logo and artwork printing is also available. Baffles can also be added to the bag interior to provide a stronger design and to maintain the shape of the bag when filled.

We can supply you with bags made domestically or globally. We supply it all, when it comes to FIBC's. We offer Fill Spout bags, Open top bags and Duffel Top bags. We also offer bags with baffles, commonly referred to as a Baffled Bag.

Just give us a call or use the "Request Quote" and we'll show you how easy it is. Our bags are available in two primary construction types: Circular and U-Panel.

contacts in the industry or we can make a custom bag for you.

Choose from 2 warehouses, with large or small quantities. We have the solution that is right for you. If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we can either find it for you with our


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All of our bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric. The most important aspects of using bulk bags for packaging include the following, proper design, lifting loops, filling & discharge spouts, liners and good construction and quality.



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