Food Grade Bulk Bags

Food Grade Bulk Bags

We help companies strengthen & maximize safe & secure product packaging in advance with 100% traceable and customizable bulk bags.

At JumboSack we recognize the requirements of food grade bulk packaging. That’s why all of our Food Grade bulk bags comply with the strict standards of AIB and BRC/IoP. Unlike other Clean Room FIBC plants in the world, which have a limited Clean-Room area generally for their sewing operation, our bags are made in the largest Clean-Room factory in the world.  The entire plant encompasses every activity, from raw material storage to extrusion, weaving, coating, sewing through packing and shipping under Clean-Room conditions.

All the of the following criteria are documented and verified, and available for your review.

  • ISO Certifications- ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 281898
  • Hygienic - Clean Room Quality Management System
  • HACCP – A formal hazard and risk management system has been adopted ensuring that all hazards to product safety and integrity are identified, evaluated and controlled. Our Food Grade bulk bags are constructed in a factory that has designed and built its entire factory with HACCP in mind. Appropriate controls are in place to ensure suitability of packaging for food contact applications.
  • Quality Assurance - Quality System Procedure for Product Identification, Test Status, and Traceability
  • Positive Air Pressure - 5 micron filtered air for the entire plant
  • Heppa Filter – 3 microns
  • Class 6 Certification - For Liner Internal Bubble Cooling System
  • Class 7 Certification - For Liner Storage
  • Class 8 Certification – For the entire Plant
  • Metal Detection – 100% of food grade bags pass through metal detection
  • Ultra Sonic Cutting Technology – All edges are cut utilizing ultra sonic cutting technology producing a clean edge with no fraying, eliminating product contamination.
  • Double Action Blower/Vacuum – 100% cleaning for all bags.
  • Traceability System – A well established traceability system is in place to identify any quality deviation.
  • QC Management & GMP Policies - Glass Policy, Needle Control Policy, Blade Policy, Oil Spillage Policy, Jewelry Policy, Personal Belongings Policy, & Clean As You Go Policy, & Food/Eating Policies are all strictly monitored.
  • Personal Hygiene – All personnel adhere to strict Personal Hygiene policies, including designated changing rooms, hand and feet wash systems, appropriate aprons, smocks, headwear, hair nets, surgical masks and footwear.
  • Pest Control – A formalized preventative pest control system is equipped to prevent actual or potential infestation and resulting contamination from rodents, flying & crawling insects, birds, and other pests.
  • Foreign Body/Dust Control – Provisions of double doors, air curtains and ventilation eliminate the risk of contamination.


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About JumboSack

JumboSack is a distributor of bulk bags, helping manufacturers practice safe and secure bulk packaging with 100% hygienic, traceable bulk bags.

We offer custom bulk bag solutions with UN Certified bulk bags. Our Food Grade bulk bags are manufactured in an AIB audited, Superior rated facility. Our bags are made in an ISO 9001: 2000 vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has put HACCP at the forefront of it's Food Grade production. Learn more

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